Glarity Side-by-Side Translation: High quality free GPT translation

Instant Translation with mirrored display for effortless comparison, enhancing clarity and understanding.

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Key Features

  • Mirror Translation Technology:

    Experience unparalleled language comprehension with our unique mirror translation feature, displaying both the original and translated text side by side for effortless comparison.
  • AI-Driven Translation:

    Powered by advanced AI systems, including GPT and LLM, Glarity provides instinctively natural translations, ensuring accuracy and reliability in every language interaction.
  • Custom Optimization for Popular Websites:

    Enjoy tailored translations on mainstream platforms such as Google, Twitter, Reddit, Yahoo, and Wikipedia, enhancing your efficiency in information gathering and global communication.
  • Effortless Activation:

    Easily access Glarity's Side-by-Side Translation by adding the extension to your Chrome browser. Activate the translation function with a simple right-click, enabling instant parallel display of translated and original text.
  • Free and Powerful Tool:

    Glarity Side-by-Side Translation is cost-free and potent, providing you with unlimited access to a world of languages without any financial constraints.

How to Use Side-by-Side Translation

  • **Install Glarity Extension:** Add the Glarity extension to your Chrome browser.
  • **Right-Click to Translate:** Right-click on any webpage and select 'toggle translate page' to instantly view parallel translations.
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