Glarity - YouTube Video Summary with ChatGPT (AD-Free)

YouTube videos transcript and summary with Chat GPT Open AI. Easily copy responses of ChatGPT.

Glarity - Summarize Google and YouTube - Speed up your searches, videos and reading with AI summaries | Product Hunt



1. What is ChatGPT?
ChatGPT is a language model developed by OpenAI. It's a large, pre-trained Transformer-based neural network designed to generate human-like text in response to prompts provided by users. It has been trained on a diverse range of internet text and can respond to a wide range of topics, including general knowledge questions, conversational responses, and creative writing.
2. What is ChatGPT for YouTube summary - Glarity Summary?
Glarity - YouTube video summary with ChatGPT is a browser extension that simultaneously displays a summary of ChatGPT

Usage Tips

YouTube Custom Prompt.
  • Open the extension Options and find "Customize Prompt for Summary(YouTube)".
  • Copy Prompt.
  • Paste or type Prompt, then save.
    save prompt

Add manually

You can try installing it manually to experience themore of the latest features.


Download chrome add-ins
Click toDownloadthe zip file and unzip it.
Add chrome add-ins


Download firefox add-ins
Add firefox add-ins

ChatGPT for YouTube summary does not work.

Please login and pass Cloudflare check at
login and pass Cloudflare
Open thechat.openai.comwebsite and login, then return to see if it works.
If it still doesn't work, go to Extension Options and set the AI Provider to OpenAI API, then enter the Key and return to retry.